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Thanksgiving Readiness

We’ve entered one of the most popular times of the year—a time of rustic browns, oranges and pumpkin-spiced everything. That’s right, Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away. This year, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 24, but Thanksgiving started centuries ago, in 1621.

Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag gathered to share an autumn harvest feast. Over the years, it has become the holiday we all know and love. Right now is the perfect time to take stock of inventory and predict what you need to satisfy your consumers’ needs. As always, we are here to provide data and insights to help you prepare for Thanksgiving. To get a full scope of just how much opportunity this holiday has, take a look at the information we’ve gathered for you!

Consumer Trends:

Source: Numerator 2022 Holiday Preview

  • 97% of households plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, the most celebrated holiday

  • Where do you typically purchase/expect to purchase items for Thanksgiving this year? (% Share)

    • 81% Grocery Store

    • 48% Mass Retailer

    • 37% Club/Wholesale Retailer

    • 9% Specialty Retailer

    • 7% Drug Store

    • 5% Delivery Services

    • 4% Bar Or Restaurant

    • 3% Gas Station Or Convenience Store

Additional Alcohol Trends:

  • 41% of Thanksgiving celebrators intend to purchase alcoholic beverages for this year’s Thanksgiving (+14% vs. LY)

  • Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays with the highest likelihood of advanced planning (Over 1 In 3 Consumers are thinking about and planning for Thanksgiving ahead of November)

  • Consumers plan to purchase alcoholic beverages online (35%), in-store (88%)

  • 22% of consumers will spend $100-150 on Thanksgiving purchases

On the consumer side of our industry, it’s time to get together, give thanks and celebrate togetherness with loved ones. On the business side of this season, it’s time to be prepared for the aforementioned season gatherings. When the world is celebrating and gathering, snapping wishbones and rising glasses, we will be there to make sure that those glasses aren’t empty. Visit eRNDC today and stock up on all your Thanksgiving drinks and mixers!

Thanksgiving responsibly. Cheers!


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