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Sip Smarter in 2023

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

As we ring in 2023, we’re reminded of the world of possibilities and new opportunities that accompany a new year. And when we say “new opportunities,” new drink options are heavily implied.

We’re excited to reintroduce you to the Better for You category, or as we call it, No+Lo; drinks that are either non-alcoholic, low-alc or low-cal. In an increasingly health-conscience market, this category is gaining momentum.

Consumers have increased fitness and health-related subscriptions and mindfully moderated their relationship with food and alcohol. They are looking to achieve a greater sense of well-being. And we are here to help them achieve that goal with our Sip Smart campaign!

No+Lo is no longer niche

  • 20% projected CAGR for low-alc wine

  • 14% projected CAGR for no-alc spirits

  • 9% projected CAGR for no-alc wine CAGR = compound annual growth rate

For the consumers who want to cut back, not out

  • 58% of No+Lo consumers switch between No+Lo and full-strength drinks on the same occasion

  • 14% of consumers say they don’t drink alcohol at all

No+Lo’s largest market was abstainers (but not anymore)

  • 23% of the consumer base now foregoes drinking altogether

  • 35% would now buy No+Lo to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink

The old way of thinking (New year, new me) is out. Instead, start Sipping Smart! Want to abstain from alcohol or have a low-alc drink? The perfect non-alcoholic spirits and wines are readily available. Or, step into the guilt-free relaxation station with low-cal beverage options. Remove yourself from the burdensome notion of a “better you” just for the sake of the new year. Make smarter sips, not resolutions. If you need help with your cocktail creativity, we’ve got you covered. Our masterful mixology team has shaken up some delicious cocktails, and we’ve compiled all of them in our cocktail book inspired by better-for-you brands.

Get to know brands such as Dhos, Spiritless, Fre, Sunny with a Chance of Flowers, Mind & Body, Giesen 0% and Cupcake Lighthearted. Explore these better-for-you options at your leisure on eRNDC and have a Happy New Year!

Cheers! Celebrate responsibly.


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