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Oregon Wine Month

Updated: May 17, 2022

May is Oregon Wine Month,

when consumers can drink

Oregon wine AND help

rebuild their restaurant


This year, Republic National Distributing Company has partnered with select participating Suppliers in

support of Oregon Wine

Month. A portion of the

proceeds for the participating Oregon wineries will donate to

the James Beard Foundation's Open For Good campaign, to

help independent restaurants.

Stock up on all of the wines from participating Suppliers by shopping the "Oregon Wine Month" Explore Tile on

Check out our video featuring the participating Suppliers

The Oregon Wine Industry is booming. With 4.7 million cases of Oregon wine sold each year around the world, "Oregon is right now the single most exciting winemaking area in the United States." - Eric Asimov, NY Times.

But what makes Oregon Wine unique? The short answer: its climate. Oregon has a relatively cool climate, perfect for growing grapes of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. It's also ideal for the production of sparkling wines. The cooler climate leads to less heat, which produces less sugar in the grapes (and higher acidity) and longer hangtime on the vine produces grapes with more depth of flavor. The wines made in a climate like this are slightly less fruit-forward than a California wine as well as slightly earthier. These wines also tend to have a brighter acidity and typically lower alcohol levels. With less intense ripeness, winemaking practices tend to be more subtle not to overwhelm the fruit.

Many wine professionals over the years describe the style of Oregon wines as having one foot in the New World and the other foot in the Old World. This means that while there is New World fruit ripeness in these wines, there is also Old World elegance and structure.

Cheers to Oregon Wine Month!


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