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Fourth of July Readiness

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

This year, our great nation will be turning

246 years old! The significance of this 4th of July can be felt in the anticipation. Consumers are feeling more and more comfortable going out to restaurants and bars and especially celebrating this holiday with friends and family. We’re in a unique position that allows us to be a part of peoples’ memory-making moments, parties and celebrations. Being in the adult beverage industry means we’re able to append celebrations across the U.S. which is something we take pride in. We may not be celebrating with them in person, but we’ll always be there in a glass and most definitely in Spirit!

To get you ready for July 4th, we've compiled some key insights* that should help you anticipate what your consumers want:

- 90% of consumers expect to celebrate the 4th of July

- 63% of consumers intend to celebrate by grilling and barbecuing

- 56% of consumers intend to celebrate by gathering with family/friends

- 12% of consumers intend to travel somewhere to celebrate

- 23% of consumers intend to celebrate by attending or hosting a party

- 52% of consumers intend to purchase alcohol

*Source: Numerator 2022 Holiday Preview

What do these insights mean for you? It means that it's time to start stocking up! Your consumers will be preparing for the long weekend and you should, too. Shop today and browse through our 4th of July-themed Explore Tiles featuring RTDs, Flavored Wines, Rose and more. For help with finding the perfect wine to pair with different grilled meats, check out our Wine Pairings 101 blog post.


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