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#DoBlue With RNDC

Today marks the first day of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and RNDC is pleased to announce that the annual #DoBlue campaign will be held in August and September this year.

As in the past for the month of September, RNDC will be partnering with some of our amazing suppliers to help support the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF). The PCF is the world’s leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating prostate cancer research. We raise money through the partnership with our suppliers on a per-case basis and match the funds donated. One change to this year’s campaign is that our on premise efforts will extend throughout August and September!

Everyone did such an amazing job last year and we couldn’t have been more proud of the excitement and attitude towards the #DoBlue campaign. In 2021, our goal was to reach $400,000. To no surprise, and through everyone’s hard work, we ended up raising $680,000!

That money helped the PCF in their efforts to find new ways to detect and treat prostate cancer. This year we’re aiming even higher and shooting for a goal of $800,000. We have no doubt that the RNDC team and our suppliers will repeat last year and rise to the occasion!

Do your part by getting a prostate cancer screening or encourage the men in your life to do so. You can learn more and make a direct donation HERE. For a list of brands participating in the campaign in your market, sign into eRNDC today and visit the "Do Blue" explore tile or CLICK HERE.

A message from Scott Lammert, Executive Vice President of Supplier Business Development—Spirits

“This campaign is very important to me and others within RNDC as we have seen the direct effect it has on men and their families. Please see my short video to learn more about this year's program."

DoBlue responsibly, Cheers!


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