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Summer of Flavors

In recent years, consumer behavior has undergone an extraordinary transformation. People are seeking out new adventures, innovation and comfort, all while prioritizing their overall well-being. Food and beverages have emerged as key players in fulfilling these desires, profoundly impacting our emotional, mental and physical states. To succeed in this dynamic landscape and cultivate a loyal customer base, operators and mixologists must understand how to best integrate flavor on their drink menu. For example, the demand for authentic international cuisine has continued to grow over the last decade but operators need not include all trending flavors on their menus. They can offer a one-of-a-kind signature drink experience by incorporating even one or two trending fruit or floral flavors from Asian or Latin American cuisines to meet this consumer interest.

Know that 41% of consumers prefer to experiment with new flavors at bars or restaurants. Social settings facilitate adventurous choices, where the ambiance and social interactions contribute to the desire for exploration. How to add new flavors to the menu? According to a Mintel 2022 study, 42% of consumers are inclined to venture into new flavors when they are paired with familiar ones. This suggests that the combination of novelty and familiarity enhances the appeal and encourages consumers to explore new taste experiences.

Additionally, consumers have shown a growing fascination for alcoholic beverages that offer a harmonious blend of flavors that may add a touch of excitement and depth to the drinking experience. Menus saw a 21% increase last year in the demand for complex heat—such as spicy honey—and herbal pairings such as lavender or elderflower have been noted for elevating summer’s drinking occasions. Flavors hold the key to shaping customer preferences, standing tall as a mighty influencer when considered on their own or combined with other product attributes. Use flavors to drive connection with your consumers and elevate the guest experience.


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