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RNDC's Award-Winning Whiskies

We can't let our award-winning whiskies go unnoticed! Just as Wine Enthusiast creates their Top 100 wines, Whisky Advocate releases their Top 20 whiskies every year.

Not just any whiskey can make this list, there are a few requirements that make it exclusive.

The whiskies that are eligible for consideration must be rated 90 points or higher on Whisky Advocate's 100-point scale, available for consumers, and have exceptional value!

An unique quality of Whisky Advocate's process after establishing the eligible whiskies is the blind final tasting. The whiskies are blindly tasted by a panel of international reviewers and this is where the list becomes finalized. Let us congratulate the RNDC brands that made this merited list!


  • #1 Jack Daniel's Bonded

  • #8 Limavady Single Barrel

  • #9 Bruichladdich 8 year old Islay Barley 2013

  • #12 Tomintoul Cigar Malt Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish

  • #14 Blackened Rye The Lightning Double Cask Madeira and Rum Finished

  • #16 Bushmills 12 year old

Buy them now and celebrate their achievement!

Enjoy Responsibly, Cheers!


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