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3 Insights into the Tailgating Consumer

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

With summer coming to a close and football season starting up, its Tailgating time! RNDC is giving you a look into the Tailgating Consumer, Who are they? What do they want? More importantly, What do they drink?

Read along to discover the answer to these questions and more. Unlock who the ultimate tailgater is, and find out what products you should sell in your store or bring in to your bar and restaurant for to go orders

Insight #1: The Average Tailgater

According to the majority of tailgaters, about 79%, are male while only 18% are female. A majority of tailgaters are between the ages of 25 to 44 years old and at least 59% have a college degree, and 14% have a graduate degree. Tailgaters are dedicated to the art form, most show up to tailgate 2-4 hours before the kick off and will attend between 6-10 tailgates a year.

While a majority of tailgaters go to the stadium, in the past year there has been a surge of “Homegaters”, those that might be more cautious about social gatherings in large groups and choose to indulge in the game from their couch. The Homegater could be more price conscious, opting for snacks and drinks that could be made at home versus the average tailgater who would stock up on RTDs and convenient beverages.

Insights #2: Tailgate Prep

Whether or not someone is enjoying the game from their home or making the trip to the stadium, 44% of the time men and women will shop together to prep for a game, so ensure you have options that appeal to all. 27% of the time men will shop alone while prepping for the game.

If the tailgater is heading to the stadium 51% will show up at least 3-4 hours before the game, and 39% will show up 5 hours before kickoff. That means more that 90% of Tailgates need at least 3 hours’ worth of beverages and food!

Domestic beers, hard seltzers, RTDs or vodka cocktails are popular choices while waiting for the game to start. Offering canned cocktails, wine, beer and other convenient beverages options in your store or to go program will entice the tailgating consumer. You can order these items with ease on eRNDC.

Insights #3: Tailgate Food & Beverage

Outside of the game, food is a hot topic of conversation during the tailgate. According to Inmar Social Listening, 42% of football tailgating conversations are related to food. 79% of tailgaters list food as a MUST while only 60% list alcoholic beverages as a requirement for a successful tailgate.

Coming up with creative drinks pairings for traditional tailgate entrees could be a fun and easy way to promote beverage sales. Jalapeño poppers make an excellent garnish for a Bloody Mary. Grilling hot dogs? Pop open a hard seltzer. Take a look at the infographic below for a list of recommend pairings. If you see something that interests you, shop and order the product on eRNDC.

Now that you have more insight to who the Tailgating consumer is, you know what products they take to the game. Keep this consumer in mind when you place your next order on eRNDC. Visit the customer page to see if eRNDC is available in your market. If you want more consumer insights, subscribe to eRNDC updates.


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