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Alcohol Awareness Month: Insights for an Emerging Category

What is Alcohol Awareness Month? Created in April of 1985, Alcohol Awareness Month encourages communities and organizations to raise awareness around safe and responsible alcohol consumption. It is not anti-alcohol sales, instead the month centers around preventing drunk driving, underage alcohol consumption, supporting addiction recovery, and empowering consumers, professionals, and bystanders with the opportunity to elevate their responsibility.

During Alcohol Awareness Month, eRNDC will be sharing insights and providing customers and RNDC representatives with key resources around alcohol responsibility. We will also highlight the emerging category, non-alcoholic and low-abv beverages, by showcasing products and cocktails focused on the increasingly popular segment.

Tips on Raising Awareness Around Responsible Alcohol Consumption:

  • Package products and to-go cocktails with bags, sleeves, or rubber bands that encourage consumers to wait until they are home to enjoy their beverage.

  • Ensure that customers consuming or purchasing adult beverages are 21 and up

  • Offer alcohol-free or low alcohol options on your menu or at your store

  • Offer water or food to customers in your bar or restaurant

  • When out, pause before ordering another drink or grabbing your keys to drive home

Are you interested in learning more about Alcohol Awareness Month or organizations that are dedicated to promoting responsibility and wellness in the industry? partners with adult beverage industry members to promote and create resources focused on responsible alcohol consumption. Check out their “Are You a Responsible Drinker?” quiz or view their BAC calculator.

HEARD, Ben’s Friends, and the Mocktail Project are community-based support systems focused on those in the food and beverage industry. All have virtual sessions and resources that can be easily accessed online regardless if they have a branch in a specific city.

For more information on eRNDC’s Responsibility campaign, follow eRNDC on social media. Look for non and low-alcohol cocktail recipes in the coming weeks and explore our curated list of products on eRNDC. Visit our customer page for a list of markets where eRNDC is available.

Insights, Tips & Resources for Alcohol Awareness & Responsibility Month
Alcohol Awareness, Non-Alc & Low ABV Category Insights Infographic


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