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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

RNDC is a family-owned, multi-generational business. Over the last decade, our next generation or “Next Gen” family members have become more involved in business, from operations to supplier relations, as well as assisting with diversity and inclusion programs. Several years ago, a few of our tech-savvy Next Gen members told me: “We need an app!” And I could not have agreed more.

At that time our digital strategy was being finalized, though we all agreed an app had to be on our roadmap, we knew we needed to remain true to our primary objective to transform the very foundation in how we were leveraging technology to service our suppliers and customers, so an app would have to wait a little longer. As I worked with our team on the vision and strategy, we prioritized getting eRNDC right first for our suppliers’ product portfolios, then our customers and sales reps to be able to support 24/7 shopping and ordering, sales rep and customer collaboration, and sales rep enablement features that ensured we harnessed the power of our RNDC sales teams, not minimize. We then had another idea…how do we leverage the power of our entire RNDC Family? We decided that when we launched the app, it would be important that ALL associates have access to eRNDC to be able to easily search for products in their local outlets.

That’s why today is such a big day for RNDC and our digital transformation journey! The eRNDC Mobile App is here for iOS and we are proud to release the native app for discovery, purchasing, and conducting business is now available for RNDC buyers in 9 states around the country with four more planned in 2020, and for all associates nationwide.

RNDC is the first national distributor to release a native app shopping experience for customers. Why is this important? It showcases our dedication to technology, a customized user experience, and commitment to leveraging the power of our workforce.

Our incredible new app provides customers the following features:

  • 24/7 Shopping and Ordering. Customers can place orders anytime from anywhere.

  • Find your next favorite item. Explore Tiles promote some of our favorites, or browse, or search.

  • Add favorites or create lists. Customers and Sales Reps can collaborate on personalized lists and recommendations.

  • Easy Reorder. Customers can reorder in two clicks.

  • View account and invoice information.

  • Review Orders and track deliveries.

eRNDC Mobile extends the value of the company’s digital transformation to over 10,000 RNDC associates, allowing them to conveniently search and support suppliers’ products in local customers’ businesses. The mobile app also delivers convenient access to eRNDC content anytime and from anywhere.

Our new app is another way to offer convenience to our customers and promote our suppliers’ portfolio. RNDC is leading the digital evolution of our industry! It is an exciting time in eCommerce, and I am so proud of the progress and achievements of our collective teams.

B2B mobile is here to stay. Boston Consulting Group found that 60% of B2B buyers report that mobile played a significant role in a recent purchase. Moreover, some 70% of B2B buyers increased mobile usage significantly over the past two to three years. COVID-19 accelerated and accentuated the need for businesses to have an online storefront and a mobile app, making eRNDC the right solution at the right time for our suppliers, customers and associates.

If you’re an RNDC customer, download the app today. The eRNDC App is available in the iOS store for Apple Products only. Click here to visit the store and download the app or text "eRNDC" to (202) 410-4202.


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