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Own The Opening: Reopening for Business


Consumers are ready to get back out, but certain considerations are made when choosing where to venture. 71% of consumers have not returned to on premise dining and 48% state that they need to feel safe and comfortable before making the choice to return. Promoting health and safety for the dining occasion is a top priority in order to attract and retain customers.

In an effort to offer aid and guidance during these times, RNDC has created an

on premise reopening action plan consisting of helpful tips and important checklists. These solutions were developed to help drive success in account reopenings to ensure staff and customer safety is top of mind.

As you read through them keep in mind that you can make a safe, contactless order on eRNDC.



Bartenders can be proactive in maintaining a clean and sanitary bar environment. Being vigilant and thoughtful will be a customer priority. Implement the Safe Environment Checklist and watch the video below to learn more about clean and sanitary bar practices.



A QR code could be your digital menu. Utilizing QR codes on table tents, window stickers, laminated cards or welcome letters allow for safe and easy access to menus. Patrons scan the code and view the menu on their mobile devices. It’s safe, fast & easy - no download or registration required!



In addition to a safe and clean environment, consumers want to see familiar cocktail offerings when returning to accounts. Keep your menu simple, utilize batched cocktails or implement draft options to keep the bar operating efficiently while minimizing contamination. Utilize the Batched Cocktail Checklists and watch the video below for helpful tips on driving success with your cocktail menus.


Use these tools when reopening your bar or restaurant. Remember that eRNDC offers our customers another method to safely place an order online.


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