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Celebrate Gin in June

The Summer, June in particular, is filled with national and worldwide drink holidays.

World Gin Day is June 12th and a week later is the celebration of gin’s favorite cocktail, the martini, with National Martini Day on June 19th.

Now we know that not all martinis are made with gin. Look at the Manhattan or the cosmopolitan; both whiskey and vodka are the main players in their respective martinis.

National Martini Day falls so close to World Gin Day, making it the perfect opportunity to highlight both gin and martinis. Take a look at these two gin martinis that the RNDC Mixology team whipped up. Shake up one of these cocktails for your on premise customers, for off premise share it with those that prefer to mix at home.

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The Elite-Tini

• 1.5 oz Gin

• .5 oz Pamplemousse Pink Grapefruit Liqueur

• .5 oz Rose Syrup

• .75 oz Lemon Juice

• 1.5 oz Champagne

Combine ingredients into a shaker and shake with ice. Top Off with Champagne, then roll the cocktail and strain Into a Coupe Glass. Finish it off by Garnishing with a Lemon Twist.

Flower Power

• 2 oz Gin

• .75 oz Elderflower Liqueur

• 1.5 oz Coconut Water

• .5 oz Simple Syrup

• .5 oz Lime Juice

• 2 Drops Vanilla Extract

Combine ingredients and shake with ice. Strain into a Coupe Glass and Garnish with Toasted Coconut.

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