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A Page From Tom Bullock, First Published African American Bartender | Part 2: Eagle Punch

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Continuing eRNDC’s Black History Month celebration, Loni Lewis is taking “A Page From Tom” and recreating Tom Bullock’s Eagle Punch recipe.

Today I have to give a hearty thanks to the founder of Cocktail Kingdom, Greg Boehm, for taking a painstaking 11 years to track down and locate a super rare copy of An Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock. This compilation of 173 cocktails, published in 1917, was resuscitated and included in the Cocktail Kingdom Library for the masses to purchase. Now we all have a chance to celebrate the brilliance of this wonderful figure in the history of bartending. It’s impossible to discuss the bar industry as it is today without paying homage to Tom Bullock. His Mint Julep recipe was so famous that it was mentioned in the 1913 Lawsuit by none other than the former President Theodore Roosevelt himself!

The Eagle Punch recipe that I have recreated almost exactly as the original, is a delicious warm drink that soothes the soul. The only difference between this recipe and the original is the use of raw sugar instead of white sugar. The reason being is that I believe the raw sugar creates a smoother finished product and allows for the lemon and nutmeg to be highlighted more. You can decide for yourself though! That’s the beauty about Tom’s cocktails, he laid the blueprints and you can tailor them to your own taste, while experiencing a little bit of Black History in a glass. Cheers, and Happy Black History Month!

Eagle Punch Recipe

1 Bar Spoon of Raw Sugar

1 oz Bourbon

1 oz Rye Whiskey

1 Lemon Peel Trimmed

Grated Nutmeg

Hot Water

Add Raw sugar to the bottom on a hot drink vessel, muddle until the sugar is dissolved. Add bourbon and Rye Whiskey, fill the rest of the glass with hot water. Express a lemon peel on top, finish with grated nutmeg.

Check out the Cold Ruby Punch, another recipe recreated by Loni as a part of “A Page From Tom.” Remember, you can find the ingredients for the Eagle Punch, the Cold Ruby Punch & Juleps on eRNDC. Visit our customer page to see where eRNDC is available!


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