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3 Satisfying Summer Sangrias

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The summer months are almost over, but there’s still time to enjoy a Sangria! Republic National Distributing Company’s Beverage Marketing team has whipped up these great summer sangrias for you and your customers to enjoy.

There’s a recipe for everyone, whether you enjoy red, white or even rosé sangria! Mix up one of these recipes for your patio bar, or share the recipes with customers visiting your store. If you are looking for ingredient inspiration you can find products available to you on eRNDC.

Cherry Vanilla Calimocho

• 3 oz Red Wine

• 1 oz Vanilla Vodka

• .5 oz Real Black Cherry Puree

• 3 oz Coke

Build In Wine Glass- Add Ice- Stir- Garnish With Luxardo Cherries

Orange Julias Sangria

• 3 oz White Wine

• 1 oz Vanilla Vodka

• 3 oz Orange Juice

• .5 oz Vanilla Extract

Build In Wine Glass- Add Ice- Stir- Garnish With Orange Wheels

Pretty In Pink

• 3 oz Rosé

• .5 oz Elderflower Liqueur

• Squeeze Lemon Wedge

• 5 Raspberries

• 3 oz Elderflower Tonic/Soda

Build In Wine Glass- Add Ice- Stir- Garnish With Lemon Wheels

Want to shop the ingredients used in these sangrias or find pre-mixed options available to you? Select your market from the map below and explore with ease. Not an eRNDC customer? No worries, visit the eRNDC customer page to see if we are available in your market!


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