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As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, our efforts to identify solutions and tools for our customers is still top of mind. Understanding the impact of COVID-19 across the industry can be identified through trending insights and carefully researched materials. 
We have furthered our research and expanded our COVID-19 resources that align with convenience and safety practices to help you maintain positive relationships with your customers. We've launched two new online websites that provide reliable and credible resources that our associates, suppliers, customers, and communities at large can utilize both in their personal and professional lives. To access information click the links below.

Information from Government Agencies and Industry Partners, visit:

Information regarding data, insights, and analysis to drive strategic business decisions, visit:

Does your account currently offer a convenient and safe beverage program to its customers? Check out these videos that showcase current beverage trends and helpful insights to promote a successful to-go program. 


What makes a great to-go wine list for your customers? We share some tips and best practices to drive trial and purchase with your wine to-go offerings.

















In addition, RNDC has created new on-premise resources, safety tips, and a Digital 101 Guide. Reach out to your sales rep for more information.  

eRNDC is also here to support, offering an easy way to order your products online.

Check below to see if we are available in your market.

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