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eRNDC’s Insightful Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration that is recognized in some variation around the world. On this day, we recognize and honor mothers everywhere. We can all thank Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day. Jarvis created this holiday over a century ago, in 1908! This year in the United States, Mother’s Day will be observed on Sunday, May 8. With so many people planning on going out and buying gifts and drinks for this celebration, the RNDC team wants to ensure you have everything you need for your consumers. That includes insights, alcohol and recipes!

Mother’s Day 2022

To understand the scope of Mother’s Day 2022 and see just how big it really is, consider that a whopping 91% of consumers are planning on celebrating! There are so many ways to position your business in a way that directly appends the Mother’s Day celebration. Did you know that 1 in 4 consumers plan on going out for food and drinks to celebrate their mother?

Wine as an Ingredient—Wine Not?

Wine is the unofficial drink of mothers everywhere, and what pairs better with Mother’s Day than a nice bottle of wine? Almost nothing. Last year’s numbers are a testament to that. In 2021, on premise saw 30% of its consumers order wine for the table on Mother’s Day. Not only did wine by itself experience growth, but also wine as a cocktail ingredient. As an ingredient in cocktails, wine grew 32% for on premise menus from 2020 to 2021, with the top three cocktails seeing triple-digit growth. Those cocktails are:

  • Old Fashioned with wine (+140%)

  • Spritzer with wine (+108%)

  • Margarita with wine (+100%)

Savor the Flavor

When considering your consumer’s needs, it’s essential to look at the numbers. Let’s take a look at three flavorful categories: margaritas, frozen cocktails and sangria. When it comes to margaritas, 49% of women are interested in trying a margarita versus 40% of men. Now, let’s take a look at sangria. Sangria is undoubtedly a universally loved drink, especially as we move towards the warmer months. 39% of women are interested in sangria versus only 25% of men. Lastly, who doesn’t love a good frozen cocktail? Apparently, some more than others, as 42% of women are interested in frozen cocktails, over only 28% of men.

When planning your Mother’s Day menu or stocking your stores for Mother's Day, take all of this into consideration! Shop the motherload of mixers, drinks and everything you need on eRNDC.

Cheers & Mother’s Day responsibly!


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